Monday, July 19, 2010

dear green island: you are beautiful

As our last vacation together in Taiwan, Amy, Brandon, Susan, Megan, and I headed to the south eastern region of Taiwan. 

We left bright and early at 5:30 Sunday morning, as check out time was 7AM anyway, because the new teachers were coming. We were startled by our train heading south when we thought the train route would go to the most northern regions first and then head south. Nonetheless, we figured it out and we were off on our 5 hour journey to get us to our first stop: 


Taitung was actually a relatively dull city with only a few spare beaches and some lousy street shops. 

We seemed to make the time pass just fine though. 

Next stop: Green Island

It's nice to feel wanted or at least know Susan's wanted. 

We had 3 scooters between the 5 of us and we spent many hours just circling the small scenic island. 

Ocean view breakfasts

We snorkeled for a few hours one morning but have no pictures to prove it. 

We climbed through some really muddy swamps and improvised a movie about a king lizard (the swamp was obviously not fascinating enough to keep us entertained). 

We saw the historic prisons and encampments where inmates were kept. It used especially during the White Terror period.

We took ridiculous photos in the themed shops. 

We went hiking (climbed stairs) through the center of the island. 

We did some laying out but most of the laying/floating was either done in the ocean or in our air conditioned room during the peak hours of the day. 

We normally do these things when we watch the sun set over Taiwan, but our most favorite thing was to wake up bright and early to watch the sun's rays beam over the morning east horizon.  

Here are some of the pictures from our early mornings on Green Island:

We're standing in one of the only three saltwater hot springs in the entire world. 

Green Island was definitely a splendid way to end my time with some of my best friends. I'll miss them!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

the finale

I'll miss you Berhan! You were absolutely wonderful. Thank you for the memories. 

Basic Reading class: You seemed all too eager to see me go. I'm only hoping you didn't truly mean it and are now praying to have me back.

Anyway, I enjoyed teaching you all and miss you!

Oh, Enrichment: You could be fun but a little much when all you wanted to do was have/make fun. I don't blame any of you though; you shouldn't be forced to be in English class till 7PM. 

So, you might have been a handful but maybe one day we'll be able to actually effectively communicate to each other. 

My little kindergarten kiddies: How you reminded me of the innocence and purity of childhood and how precious the time is. You taught me patience and endurance while exemplifying unconditional love.


These little girls are around age 4 but they are already fashion divas and they pose like so.

Little dwarfs colorfully dressed up to do their graduation dance.

Carol just kills me. 

I miss Tristan and all his many stories. 

Cute little piggies. 

Monica grew on me during the semester and she became my hardest working dancer. 

Trouble kids

Cooper calls me Miss Cupcake!

I miss these little guys a lot. 

My co-teachers: What an amazing group of people who inspired me to work hard and enjoy every minute of Taiwan. 

I miss my buds but hope to cherish our friendship and memories together forever.