Saturday, May 19, 2012

Circus Nurse Anyone?

Blogging seems to have become a thing of my past, mostly because I don't have the patience nor the memory to keep the blog updated, but if anyone still looks at this, here are the most recent crazy things I am doing. 

This week I started my second Bachelors in Nursing at the University of Utah. The program is well equipped for those that have attention spans like my own. I will graduate with my RN degree in August 2013, after an intense accelerated 15 months of training. 

I would love to continue worldwide humanitarian trips and include nursing as a skill to promote health education, train other nurses, or just volunteer. If traveling is not an option in the future, I am currently involved with local non-profits, such as the Salt Lake Chapter of the International Refugee Committee. I would enjoy working with low-income families or with at-risk communities and may become a community nurse. One of the perks about the nursing field is that it is diverse with many career options. I would even be content continuing my current work, which includes working with those with physical challenges, geriatrics and memory care. 

I feel fortunate to have received a few scholarships the last few weeks. I was a finalist for Utah's young humanitarian and received a Sally Mae Scholarship based on merit, community service and really desperate financial situation (volunteering full-time doesn't put money in the bank). 

If all else fails, my backup is to become a circus performer. Who's not secretly wishing they could run off doing handstands on elephants? 

Currently, which I'm not including the fact that nursing school is probably going to destroy my perfect schedule, I train 10-15 hours a week on the trapeze, lyra (hoop), aerial silks (people seem to understand better if I call them long ribbons), ballet and pole. 

Here is a link to a quick video of our first drop workshop on the silks. What a blast! 

Till who knows when, create the life you want to live! 

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