Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Training in Feng Yuan

As you might know, I've willingly signed myself up for an Olympic Triathlon the weekend of June 12 & 13.  I have been assiduously training with my co-teacher Brandon for nearly two months already (just a few more to go). 
The race will be the following: 

1.5 km swim, 40 km ride & 10 km run
(.93/24.8/6.2 miles)

So, training on top of everything we're already doing can be a little hectic (doing each event 2x a week and sometimes 2x in one day for 1-2 hours each).  But Feng Yuan, Taiwan has graciously provided us the perfect training grounds for our preparation. We are a little spoiled as you will see below.

The Feng Yuan Bike Path 

Only 15 minutes on bike from our school, lays the nicely paved bike path that stretches for nearly 12 miles in one direction.

The bike path is not crowded in the early morning weekdays when I often frequent. Come Saturday and Sunday, the path hosts rollerblading CRAM schools (shown above), Taiwanese cyclist clubs, families and friends renting single and tandem bicycles, and runners/fast walkers of all shapes and sizes;
it can wear anyone out (baby boy completely exhausted)!

The Diore Swimming Pool

Only a 15 minute bike ride away, this sparkly clean pool has plenty of lap pools and isn't crowded during my lunch break. 

I haven't seen this part available yet. Even though the kids are in school, don't they realize adults want to play too?! 

The reward after a long swim is spending time using a few of the 15-20 different jets. 

I've got new running shoes (they are a men's shoe because the women's section doesn't come bigger than a size 8). Now, all I need to find is a generous female cyclist to let me exchange my rusty old mountain bike for her shiny thin-tire bike for maybe a few training sessions and the race. 


  1. That hot tub area looks amazing! And that olympics thing sounds fun. Where is this taking place? Taiwan?

  2. Wow! You are just Miss Fitness America, aren't you? Or make that Miss Fitness Tawian....

  3. That's amazing Whit! The coolest part is you get to do it in Taiwan! I'm running a half-marathon in June and then a full one in the Fall. Yeah-ya, you inspire me, girl!